Mystery deepens,” queue the Twilight Zone spooky theme music because we’re not sure what happened here!! Well, if you had an IQ above room temperature and could critically look at blatantly false claims, there’s no mystery here. It’s a far too common trend that the left thas engaged in, because they know what the current narrative is among low info voters. If you’re a low info news consurmer, buy into what NBC, CBS and NYT tell you… Then this issue was pretty straight forward. This kind black, gay actor, was walking around Chicago one night and was called a “nigger, faggot” by two white guys wearing Trump hats. They “beat him up,” attempted to lynch him, and threw bleach on him before running away screaming “This is MAGA country!!” (In the middle of…CHICAGO).

Well if you consume news at the rate at which I do, and many on the right, many questions began to emerge:

Where’s the security footage? Why would two bigots recognize this B list actor from an all black show like Empire? Is it coincidence that Jussie’s character was about to be written off the show? Why were these men walking around at 2a.m. in sub zero temperatures? And what are the odds of them havng a rope AND bleach in their posession when they recognized him??

It’s all being answered now: There was no hate crime, just as I suspected. Jussie HIRED two men to prepetrate this hoax hate crime. Two Nigerian men at that. Jussie’s play here was to play into a narrative that he KNEW the media would eat up spoon, fork and knife. “Racist mean men tried to lynch me!!”

The bigger question here is this: Why were the media (CNN, NYT, CBS, NBS, you name it), and several politicans (Alexandria Oscasio-Cortex, Kamala Harris, etc.) so quick to eat this up before they saw proof?

It’s because it fits a narrative that they WANT to believe is true. Beware of these hoaxsters making money off of anti white narratives. Hoax hate crimes happen extremely frequently. Ask questions.


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