Here’s a really straightforward example of the type of outright hatred that is accepted, and even rewarded by today’s mainstream. This story was slightly more mainstream than the last one, but I still doubt most people have heard of this.

Sarah Jeong was a tech writer at The Verge and was hired on by the New York Times to their editorial board. Not long after her hire previous tweets of hers surfaced where she posted some pretty raunchy Tweets:

“Every time I see a bald white kid, I secretly hopes he has leukemia, and do my own little private ‘end zone dance.’ “

“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

“White people stopped breeding. You all will go into extinction soon.”

Not only was she hired by the New York Times despite the firestorm, she never was directed to erase her tweets, or apologize for them; she kept her job, remained verified on Twitter and life moved on.

Replace “white people” in any of her tweets with ANY other race, and do you think she keeps her job? How are these statements acceptable? Again, I just want all rules to be applied fairly, and this seems like pretty blatant racism… But it’s “acceptable” racism I guess?


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