Look for more of this to come in the coming years. South Africa has already started to do it in the engineering field. This modeling agency is claiming its “diversity” since it only hires non whites. A couple of things:

1) We play the obvious “what if the races were reversed” game, and this becomes an obviously racist modeling agency. And I know a lot of low IQ people out there are going to say, “But dude, look at most models! They’re white! THAT’S racist actually!” No it’s not, because there are no outside pressures telling them to only hire white, and on the contrary, if they tried to actively exclude non whites, there would definitely be a lawsuit of some sort.

2) The most important point… This is why people on the right, myslef included, are very skeptical at the term “diversity” being thrown around as if it’s an inherent good. Diversity has slyly become a code for “less white people.” If a field, or a market, becomes less white naturally because there are non whites who are better at whatever task, or field, then fine. I don’t complain about the NBA being over 85% black. What concerns me is when fields, and companies are basically forced at by leftists and outrage mobs to BECOME diverse, just to SAY they’re diverse.

There’s nothing inherently good about “diversity.” Diversity is a descriptor, not a moral judgement. If a field is 100% white, or 100% black, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But when a field says “Hey we’re no longer hiring people of your skin tone because diversity is in right now, and we don’t want to get called out,”… That’s racism.


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