So we established that less than 4.5% of slaves in Transatlantic slave trade ever made it to America. We established that anti whiteness today primarily stems from what we’re taught from an early age about the history of slavery. The end result is a mainstream, accepted view of history where: White people invented, perpetuated, and committed the worst atrocities and aspects of slavery the world has ever known, and now they must pay.

Most people aren’t aware that the most brutal form of slavery against Africans, and dates back to well before European settlers entered Africa, was the Muslim slave trade. Somewhere around 652 AD, after the death of Mohammed, the Muslim slave trade began in Darfur. Without getting into the long, boring history (links below) Muslims enslaved around 150 million AFRICANS, and 50 million people from around the globe.

Here’s the more interesting question, and the root of the issue:

We saw slavery happen in Brazil, the Carribean, and the US, but there are still blacks living in those societies to this day, and those socieities have made the effort to afford them all of the rights of citizenship and equal rights. Why don’t we see a heavy black population living in the Middle East if slavery was that prevalent for so long?

The answer is dark, but it’s because a massive percentage of male slaves taken by Muslims were crudely castrated to make sure they could never reproduce after their slave labor was done, or they were just outright killed.

The issue is not that Muslims did a bad thing a long time ago. History happened. It’s that, like the Brazilians and Haitans, there’s no mention of these attrocities in history class, because it doesn’t involve demonizing whites. If people on the left genuinely cared about the evils of slavery and the effect it’s had on blacks, why is there not a call for Muslims to apologize for their FAR worse barbarism toward Africa? It’s racist to only call out one group for a thing, and ignore another group who did the exact same thing.


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