This is perfectly indicative of where we are as a society right now, and it makes the left ask serious questions about the world they want to live in, or at least it should. 

If you’re a leftist, I guess at face value this story is a good thing? So women are now allowed to go fight with other men and die in foreign entanglements we shouldn’t be in in the first place..? This is a win for “equality” or something equally vague? 

This is where the question comes up for leftists, unless they’re so radicalized that they see this story as a positive.  

Without getting into the fact that as women enter each branch of law enforcement, be it the military, police force, fire departments, the standards are set lower for them under the guise of “gender/trans inclusion,” the question is: Are we really OK with completely abandoning traditional gender roles?

We’re starting to see this problem come up in track & field events, military drafting, bathroom usage, etc. Gender roles are natural and they’re all being slowly overturned for the sake of “progressivism” and it’s really scary to watch… This story is the logical conclusion you reach when you go down the leftist path. 

Leftists: Next movement should be gender equality in waste collectors, electricians, plumbers, and diesel technicians! 

Me: But women don’t tend to be interested in those fields and we shouldn’t PUSH them to like them? 

Leftists: Shut up sexist!


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