I’ve mentioned how it has become socially acceptable in mainstream media to write articles about how intentionally hiring less whites on the basis of their skin color is somehow “anti-racist,” and other examples of mainstream anti- whiteness, e.g. slavery stats not being accurately taught from a young age.

This image is just another clear example of the racial double standards, and, in my opinion, is why Donald Trump was ever elected. 

It’s because in 2019, every group (black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, LGBTQIA++, Muslim, disabled, obese)  has been allowed to politically organize, other than who…? Whites. That’s a double standard, because there’s nothing inherently wrong with being proud of who you are, and of who your ancestors were. This privilege is only denied to white people currently. What happens when you deny a group the right to organize on a racial basis when they see every other group able to do so? You get Trump. Which I’m fine with. Identity politics for none, or identity politics for all. 

Some will argue that “There were lynchings and segregation in the 50s, therefore…”
The answer to that is so simple: No one should be held accountable for the sins of his ancestors. That’s basic justice, and the best arguement against any type of reparations.


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