If you’re still skeptical at this point about the claims I’m making about how deep anti-whiteness runs in the mainstream today, consider multiple buzzword terms that are used today that ONLY go in a direction of anti-white:

“White flight” vs. Gentrification:

“White flight” is racist because whites are LEAVING a highly diverse area, and minorites are upset.

Gentrification is when whites ENTER a highly diverse area, and minorities are upset.

Colorblindness vs. Racial Acknowledgement

Colorblindness is when whites say, “I don’t see color,” which is racist because they’re not acknowleding the “struggles of the past,” and are “blind to their own privilege.”

When whites acknowledge they see race… “Well obviously that’s racist because we’re all human and MLK said let’s not judge based on race and let’s not see color!”

Cultural Appropriation vs. White Indifference

Cultural appropriation is racist because by partaking in a minority community’s traditions, whites are intruding on colored “safe spaces,” it is disrespectful and “they’re MOCKING us (although we’re simultaneously strong POC women offended by words and costumes).”

White indifference is when whites are racist because they’re NOT participating in our culture and aren’t trying to help us assimiliate into the culture. THAT’S racist!!

You could play this game all day. Sadly, many leftists do precisely that. What a toxic way to live your life thinking that an entire group hates you, wants to harm you, and is actively plotting against you. Sad stuff.


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